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Burglary fugitives apprehended after shooting at pursuing officers on US141 in Middle Inlet

2 armed felony suspects wanted in Michigan- Christopher Whitmore, and Derrick Whitmore, were captured after a tumultuous mid-county burglary spree turned into a running battle with Marinette County deputies tonight (12-17-2014).
The pair allegedly broke into homes in both Pound, and the Town of Stephenson (where a firearm was stolen)- and lead deputies on a 100+ mph chase down US 141 and shooting out the back window of their getaway vehicle at the police cruisers to deter pursuit. The Whitmore's eventually wrecked their car after they and a pursuing deputy ran over deployed stop-strips- leading to a massive foot-chase with aerial and SWAT support in the Middle Inlet area.
Residents near the crash scene were evacuated while vehicle and property searches were underway, and provided with a temporary shelter at the Crivitz Village Hall. Several local business were also told to lock themselves down while the suspects were still at-large including the Gateway and Highline Bars.
No-one was injured in any of the various crime scenes dotting the county. A third suspect was arrested on suspicion of aiding the duo at the Crivitz Shell station.
Sheriff Jerry Sauve (left) gives a late night Press Conference from the Crivitz Village hall. State troopers conducting vehicle searches on County X and US 141 for the perpetrators.
More exhaustive information will be available tomorrow from the Marinette Sheriff's Department.

USS Detroit (LCS-7) launched Saturday, Oct. 18th!

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Justin Bergman takes the 2014 Carom Room Classic!

Collects $26K payday in star-studded field

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Detroit: Ruins in the Heartland

"In the Green Zone- when leaving the consulate, various office buildings, or your secure hotel- exercise extreme caution in your movements to minimize exposure time to local elements that would do you harm. Outside the 1-mile circle surrounding the city centre, DO NOT expect real-time responsiveness from any government agency during an emergency." 

But we're not in Baghdad or Benghazi... we're in the heart of the American Midwest. We are in downtown Detroit. We are also in ZOMBIELAND according to the post-apocalyptic message stenciled on the top floor of a derelict high-rise hotel in a surreal Midtown wasteland. A wasteland that has been slowly emptied of official city residents to make way for the new home of the Redwings hockey franchise.

Current and future generations of Michigan residents will undoubtedly continue their animated discussion about how and why Detroit and her environs have free-fallen into ruin. What now appears lacking -is strong leadership on how to save the city (from itself) now that more than 60% of its citizens have fled its confines from its population peak in 1950.

In real numbers -it's terrifyingly staggering. Detroit's population has dropped from 1.85 million (1950) to 951,000 (2000) to 721,000 in 2010! Current population counts (2013) have pushed the number to under 690,000.

There are an estimated 89,000 abandoned buildings in this city. Approximately 40-square miles of abandoned structure and empty lots! And the exodus appears to continue unabated despite lofty words regarding revitalization and urban renewal promised by successive generations of federal, state, and local governments.

Only time will tell whether Detroit can truly renew and rebuild itself. We wish the resilient inhabitants of this great American city - the best in their endeavours.

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